Project 2A

Part A

market_1market_3market_2Packaging_Samples_Toy_VehiclesPackaging_Samples_Target_MarketProduct1_Green_Toys_Dump_Truck Product2_Bruin_Revvin_Rescue Product3_CAT_Multipack Product4_Disney_Mickey_Mouse_Truck Product5_Little_People_Recycle_Truck

Visual_MatrixThere are many different types of toy vehicles, in different packaging that varies slightly in different retail contexts. Specifically in the preschool market the main competitors are Thomas and Friends, Disney Pixar Cars, and Fisher Price. These main competitors in the preschool vehicles market tend to contain their products in secure packaging using ties and blister packs, which tend to be difficult to open for an adult and impossible for a pre-schooler. To open these packages additional tools are needed. The main players in this market also tend to have effective and legible labels, as well as having the product clearly visible in their packaging. There are very few vehicles that were clearly visible in their packaging without being difficult to release from their packaging. There were no products, I found, that had good accessibility and legibility.

With this information in mind the main issues to address in creating a new packaging design for the preschool vehicle toy’s market are:

  • Create an easy to open package for the target market
  • Have as much product visible as possible, especially the wheels, in the packaging to entice excitement for the product
  • Create a label that is legible, fun, bright, and without excessive information

Part B

Materials Accessibility Structure


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