Task 2: Competitor research

Part A: Pack Analysis


Part B: Visual Analysis

task-2-part-b-matrix-template-1 task-2-part-b-matrix-template-2

Part C: Category Analysis

The laundry market contains a wide range of products and in various forms from laundry liquid, laundry powder, whitening agents and boosters, and fabric softeners, as well as a variety of environmentally friendly products. The main gap in the market is a greater cross section of more sustainable products across all product ranges, as well as the use of more sustainable packaging. The majority of packaging in this market are plastic and cardboard, depending on the product it contains. There is therefore an opportunity in this market to look at more sustainable packaging that also effectively communicates the product it contains, and at the same standard of the more familiar and higher end products.

Compared to other products on the market, Aware Sensitive is not very functional once it has been purchased and is subject to repetitive use. It fails to successfully contain, protect and dispense its product with its thin cardboard packaging, its method of opening and closing, and its lack of instrument or means to successfully dispense the right amount of product for each use. However, on the other hand the entire product is generally very sustainable compared to other products on the market. In terms of communication, Aware Sensitive’s packaging is ambiguous with images of Earth and a baby; it does not particularly reflect the product that it contains. The brand name is clear on the packaging, but is plain and uninteresting, and certainly does look like it belongs at the lower end of the market.


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